The Water Council is a prestigious group of donors who pledge a significant three year gift to cover DigDeep’s operating costs.
Support from the Water Council allows us to dedicate 100% of every public donation directly to programs that bring clean, running water to American families until we solve the Water Gap in the U.S. once and for all.
Water Council
\wôder ˈkounsel\
(n.) a body of people elected or appointed to oversee the management of their water project.
(n.) a small group of venture philanthropists dedicated to ending water poverty in America for good.
  1. Meet Ed & Judith!
  2. 01 Ed is a retired U.S. Geological Survey research scientist who spent 36 years studying soil contamination and water quality in places as distant as South Dakota and Chernobyl. He is presently an adjunct faculty member in the University of Maryland’s Department of Environmental Science and Technology.
  3. 02 Judith in the retired CEO of a community mental health agency in Washington, DC. She is active in the immigration rights movement.
  4. 03 They joined the Water Council after reading an article about DigDeep in the Washington Post.
  2. “Social justice and health came to the forefront this year, and with emergence of these issues, the thoughts of many of us have flowed to how to leave this world a better place than the one that we entered. Becoming a member of the Water Council transforms the simple act of donation into an up-close & personal, hands-on giving experience—one that you just don’t get with the many other, worthy non-profits out there. In this time of COVID-19, when we have, inadvertently, all become ‘experts’ in mask filtration jargon and technology, DigDeep draws your focus to the fact that a sizable number of our fellow Americans—our brothers & sisters—have been forced to survive without access to their human right to water. Please join us in solving this unconscionable crisis, and making the world a better place, one drop at a time.”
In gratitude for their transformative investment, we ensure that every Water Council member builds a deep, personal connection to the work we do together.
  • Field Trips

    Over your three year membership on the Water Council, we’ll plan to welcome you to the Navajo Water Project, Appalachia Water Project, and emerging sites so you can experience your impact up close. Get to know our extraordinary staff and clients, see our work in action, and connect with other Water Council members and close friends of DigDeep. (During COVID-19 travel restrictions, we’ve designed new ways for you to stay connected until it’s safe to gather in the field again.)

  • One-on-One Updates

    The WC is an extension of our Board of Directors. We’ll connect you with one of our inspiring board members to act as your point of contact so you can get to know them as well as senior staff.

  • Campaign Previews

    WC members get access to each of our new projects, campaigns and updates before anyone else. You’ll stay uniquely connected to the amazing work that inspires you.

  • 100%

    Water Council Members fund things like rent, insurance and admin salaries, ensuring that every donor dollar goes right where it’s needed most: Programs that close the Water Gap in the U.S.

  • First Contact

    Water Council investments allow us to reach out to new communities that we hope to serve, funding important start-up expenses like travel and community meetings.

  • HR Value

    The Water Council is helping us continue to be an exemplary employer by supporting comprehensive benefits, employee wellness, and employee retention programs.

  • Follow-the-Leader

    DigDeep is the first (and only!) organization solving the water crisis here at home. Water Council investments support research, capacity-building and experimental programming, helping us build thought leadership as we invite new organizations to take up the cause.


George McGraw

CEO and Founder

Megan Merenda

Development Director

Join the Water Council by pledging a three year gift to support DigDeep’s operating costs.
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